In September, we're opening up three 1:1 mentoring spaces to help you find your story foundations through a unique mix of coaching and consultancy.


How are your story foundations? A bit shaky? In need of a refurb?   

You wouldn’t build a house on sand. So why build your business on anything but solid foundations? 

Every brand and business has a story and a unique voice. No matter where you’re at with your story, whether you've just starting playing with an idea, you've pivoted direction, or you've been going for years, going back to your foundations and getting clear on your mission, values and pillars helps build long lasting relationships with copy that connects.

We’re opening up three spaces starting this month for our 1-2-1 coaching-consultancy, The Story Foundations. Working together, we’ll help you: 

There are only three spaces available so register your interest now. 

By getting clear on the messaging and fusing your unique story with strategy, your business will attract the attention it deserves to inspire real action. 



When you’re running a business and doing all the things, sometimes you just need to go back to basics. 

No matter what page of your journey your on we can help.

Even better you get two for the price of one, because we come as a pair, a bit like a superhero duo - we'll help you make sense of it all. As we find your foundations in our power hour calls.  

We'll give purpose and personality to your words, helping unlock the confidence you need to connect, convert and inspire action. 


This is for you if... 

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Whether you're just starting out, you're in need of a refresh or you've shifted your focus, this will help you get rid of the overwhelm and get clear on who you're trying to attract and the channels you need to focus your time on. to get their attention.

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Revisit and reestablish your founding values and the why of your business and the role these must play in your messaging. Establish the big vision you have for each of these audiences and the transformation you can help them achieve.

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We'll get really clear on your key messages identifying the stories that will serve your audiences, understand how to use these messages and stories to engage your audience and inspire action.

Running a business can be hard work

Writing about it shouldn’t be

We’ll show you how to take ownership of business and the words you use in a safe and nurturing space.  

We hear you. We see you. 

We know budget is tight, which is why every hour counts.  

See us as your very own PR and copywriting coaches helping you rediscover and shape your story to supercharge your brand.

Using the foundations storytelling framework we use for our clients, we will help you to craft a new narrative, giving you the confidence, fuel and tools to write your own story, in a way you never thought possible.   

Our role is to empower you to find the right words for every part of your business to not only transform it, but make it transformational. 

Think of us as your personal consultant, mentor, cheerleader, friend all rolled into one.   



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