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Whatever struggle you’re having trying to write about and promote your business, we’ve been there. We know writing great copy, securing the attention of the media and capturing the hearts and minds of your ideal audience is so much more than sitting down and writing a load of words about your business. 

The noisy, super scrolling world we live in can make it feel like everyone else is saying it better. But it doesn't have to be that way. We’ve created 3 juicy free downloads to help you find the words, courage and confidence to write copy that sounds like you, add ease to your content writing and make people want what you're offering. 

Don’t have time? No problem. Not a writer? You will be. No matter which chapter you’re on, get our free resources and show your ideal clients and customers what you’re all about. Dive in to discover your word-mojo. 




Whoever said, "Two's company, three's a crowd" had clearly never worked with us!

Coaching meets consultancy is a magical duo and when we get together, it's like hanging out around the kitchen table with a glass of something scrumptious and having one of those soul stirring chin wags where you leave feeling oh-so-good about what to do next to move closer to your dream. 

It's like the best friend honesty and support every one of us needs to get a sense of clarity and energetic uplift akin to that first kiss of warm springtime sunshine after a too-long wet winter.

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Three of the most useful online resources we use to create and share copy that connects  

What people say about us

I began working with Stories From Home to help me with my creative strategy and content creation. Every month, they transform the swirling stories, thoughts, and experiences in my mind into not only beautiful but purpose and vision-aligned content. They are word angels.

Rebecc Douglas

Branding and Lifstyle Photographer

You truly are the magical duo! Always my cheerleader - You infuse so much confidence in me and I couldn't be more grateful that you're in my world - thank you so much!

Prarthana Rao

Founder The Maverick Mum

"I've worked in Comms for 15 years but when it came to writing my own press release, it was hard! This pair of copy angels really worked some magic. Plus they're bloody lovely humans."


Reclaim Your Wild

"I honestly can't believe you created that from what I wrote. I feel you've gone inside my head, swept up my thoughts and painted a whole new picture. I have no idea how you did that... "


Lindsey Higgins Interior Design

Becca and Laura were a huge support to me. The weekly meetings gave focus and drive to developing the content and service needed for my business. I valued their insight and their experience on developing My Story - they are word geniuses!

Helen Hatton

Founder Iris Consulting

Laura and Becca brought so much clarity to the process of taking my idea and developing a firm foundation on which I can build a successful business . The process they took me on made me see things in a new way.

Beth Bellingham

Founder The Matresence Project

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If you want to create more time, give fear the heave ho and attract the dream customers you can't stop thinking about, you need to know your story, your superpower and the ways to share this magic.  

Whether you need a confidence boost, guidance on your messaging strategy, need to uncover your story or want your words written for you, we're two women who've worn the hats and got the t-shirts to support you to make it happen.

Together, we'll supercharge your words so you can call in the confidence, customers and clients you desire. 


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