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We know how you’re feeling and the struggles you’re facing trying write about and promote your business. We’ve been there. We know writing great copy, securing the attention of the media and capturing the hearts and minds of your ideal audience is so much more than sitting down and writing a load of words about your business. 

The noisy, super scrolling world we live in can make it feel like everyone else is saying it better but it doesn't have to be that way. We’ll help you find the words, courage and confidence to make your business a 100% expression of your personality. We’ll help you write copy that sounds like you, create plans that pack a punch and pitch press releases to land you coverage and make people want what you've got. 

Don’t have time? No problem. Not a writer? You will be. No matter what chapter you’re on, we can help. It’s time to show your ideal clients and customers what you’re all about. Grab a pen, power up the printer and dive into our free workbooks to discover your word-mojo. 


Want to go deeper to boost your confidence and inspire your storytelling? 

Our paid for courses and digital downloads are coming soon. Packed with solutions to the PR and copywriting problems small businesses have come to us for help with time and time again. Whether you need a step-by-step how to write your About page (hint - it's not actually all about you) or a simple how-to guide to content creation we've packed our 30 year's worth of experience into a suite of practical and beautifully designed workbooks for you to download. 

If you want more personal support, need an edit on your drafts or want to pick our brains about a PR launch, why not book a 1:2:1 mentoring session (yep, you get both of us), an affordable way to get PR and copywriting support without the expense of a project fee or retainer.  




Our storytelling toolkit

Here are three of the online resources we use to create copy that connects  

What people say about us

"I've worked in Comms for 15 years but when it came to writing my own press release, it was hard! This pair of copy angels really worked some magic. Plus they're bloody lovely humans."


Reclaim Your Wild

"I honestly can't believe you created that from what I wrote. I feel you've gone inside my head, swept up my thoughts and painted a whole new picture. I have no idea how you did that... "


Lindsey Higgins Interior Design

"I knew what I wanted to say, but struggled to say it. Stories from Home helped me draw out my story and find my unique voice. A voice that didn’t make me sound like a robot, a voice with personality, colour and fun. I'm immensely grateful to Laura and Becca for their direction and mentorship. They've been an invaluable sounding board and offered another perspective which has been essential as a solo founder. Thank you!"



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Networking and PR goes hand in hand but it doesn't have to be scary or intimidating, that's really not our thing. 

We've set up a private Facebook group as a super supportive space for you to ask questions, meet other like-minded, heart-led businesses and get regular doses of the good stuff to light up your storytelling. It's a place we regularly post tips and advice as well as give a heads up to media opportunities we discover that could be right up your street.

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