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strategy fused storytelling  

Get the words, stories and confidence to help take your business to another level and achieve the life of your dreams.  

Writing all the words for your business is a LOT. Knowing where to begin, what to say and when and how to say it is enough to leave you saying nothing at all, we get it. But we believe there’s no one better than you to tell your story and when you discover how to put purpose into your words with supercharged stories that convert curious onlookers into captivated clients, writing about your business gets to be easy.

We work with brilliant, creative women like you, helping them feel empowered and confident to write and shape your business into something spectacular. When you do, you'll be so at ease with your voice and the power of your story it'll give you more time, more freedom, more clients, more impact and more money.

Short on time? No problem. Limited budget? Not an issue. Not a writer? You can be. 

Whether you want us to do the writing for you or empower you to write the words yourself, we're your women.


How we can help you

Copy Edit Club ®

Monthly mentoring helping heart-led creatives and founders take their copywriting to the next level.

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The Strategy Session

Our unique blend of mentoring meets consultancy will supercharge your business journey in 90 minutes.

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The Residency

Our signature programme, fuses consultancy with mentoring. One month of massive action, helping you go from idea to business integration. 

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The Agency

Consultancy done for you services for the modern-female founder. 

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Copy Edit Club ®

Your companion for compelling copy

Copy Edit Club is your go-to monthly membership designed for heart-led creatives and determined founders who want to elevate their copywriting skills. Every month, share a piece of your writing with us and we'll provide you with expert feedback and guidance to transform your words into compelling, action-inspiring copy. With our support, you'll discover how to make the process feel not just manageable but enjoyable. If you're seeking a trusted partner to review and enhance your messaging, offer insights, and serve as your sounding board, Copy Edit Club is the ideal choice. It's time to craft words that truly connect.

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The Strategy Session

Get ready to step into your power. 

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Do you have burning questions, ideas or challenges you want expert guidance on? Look no further than our exclusive 90-minute Strategy Session - an intimate opportunity to supercharge your business journey.

With us by your side we’ll help you navigate, map out, question and creatively strategise anything you're wanting to figure out in your business - the time is yours.


The Residency

With our unique style of consultancy meets mentoring. Get the support you need to transform your ideas into a reality - with us on hand for a month of massive action, helping you go from inspiration to integration as you make sense of all of the words and ideas in your head and make things happen.


The Agency

Done for you consultancy services for the modern-female founder. We take your words and stories and create the content your business needs to propel you forward. From bespoke projects to monthly content creation retainers.    

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