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Laura & Becca

Best mates, mamas and story lovers...

We’re Laura Andrew and Becca Aspin, founders of Home PR, a soulful PR and copywriting agency helping female founders, small businesses and creatives fuse strategy with storytelling. 

Yorkshire homebirds, four years ago we jumped off the 9-5 career track and gave our corporate communication management jobs the heave-ho. Dreamers and doers, we know finding the words to captivate your audience can take your life and business to a whole new level. We're here to show you how.

People, purpose and play are at the heart of our business and we love nothing more than helping people like you harness the power of your story and tell it in a way that captures the hearts and minds of your dream audience. We can't wait to help you put purpose into your words and get them working even harder than you.



Our story began back in 2008 when we both worked for a PR agency. Agency life taught us many things (that's one for another day), and while the days were long, it turns out so was our friendship founded on a shared love of life, adventure and America, where coincidentally we both studied at university. Flash forward nine years and the wearing of many hats, we founded our own agency on those same building blocks of adventure and friendship. 

Whether you're the Chief Everything Officer of your own business, a creative with a dream, a newbie to PR agency life, a junior comms officer or communications lead in the corporate world, we've been there.

We know how you’re feeling and the struggles you’re facing. Writing great copy, securing media attention (for all the right reasons) and capturing the hearts and minds of your ideal audience is so much more than sitting down and writing a load of words about your business. 

What comes with wearing all the t-shirts? A bucket load of wisdom to share with you.



Bringing ideas to life with more than just words, our PR and copywriting house, Home PR, was born in 2017 and through word-of-mouth recommendations we've helped brands and businesses share their stories in the media with captivating copy that connects. Want to take a look who we've worked with? We've included some of these organisations over on our homepage if you want a nosy. 

We love working with dreamers and doers, we're guessing...

  • You're creative, a curious being, a change maker - you want to be part of something better, a better world  
  • You have a big vision, it makes your tummy tingle.  
  • You know deep down that your stories are full of possibility but you don't know where to start
  • You want to be more YOU but you don’t know what sets you apart amongst all the noise 
  • You're ready to play bigger and create a profitable business that makes a change, to you and the world 

So if you're a creative, a dreamer, a woman with a great idea and a mission to make a difference, you're in the right place. 



Since 2003 we’ve worn all the storytelling hats working our way up the career ladder, managing the reputation of multiple organisations of all shapes and sizes. We've...

  • Written hundreds of statements and award-winning nominations, from gas recycling to hospital services
  • Helped heart-led business owners and creatives find the words and stories to make the brand stand out from the crowd
  • Secured positive national media coverage from bath bombs to circus acts   
  • Launched and sold out events attracting tens of thousands of people

  • Written websites, marketing materials and editorial copy for businesses of all shapes and sizes 
  • Led corporate communication in the emergency services and NHS
  • Overseen PR and community relations for the arrival of the UK's longest gas pipeline here in East Yorkshire 
  • Managed countless crises from floods and fires to festival cancellations
  • Been on the finalist shortlist for CIPR Young Communicator (many moons ago) 

You get the drift, we know a thing or two and you're in good hands.

You bring the story, we'll help it grow.

Between us we've got four kids, three dogs and two husbands. We know first hand the juggles. Running a business is hard work, but we believe writing about it shouldn't be. We're here to show you how. 

Driving us forward as we navigate the rollercoaster ride of life, business and motherhood is a fierce friendship founded on shared values. Values that include Freedom, Light, Respect, Adventure, Curiosity and Home, which is why for every new client and sign up to our newsletter we plant a tree in our Stories Forest as part of our partnership with Ecologi.    


More about us 

Our core values


We all have a story and get to decide what goes in it. 

Our aha moment came when we kept being approached by small businesses, with great stories, who were all struggling with the same things. Passionate about helping them, we made the decision to look at a new agency model to support them more sustainably.   

Hello, Stories from Home. 

Because the story always starts with you. 

For us, our next chapter's all about nurturing women like you to find the confidence and learn the know-how so you can put purpose into your words and let your dream clients and customers see what you’re all about. You have too great a gift to not shout about it. 


Better together

There’s some people in life that you’re just drawn to. At first you often don’t know what it is, that pulls you in. Maybe a smile. An outfit. A feeling. An aura. A longing to have some of what they’ve got. To be their friend.

That’s what happened to us when we first met.

At a particular time in space some people are meant to come into your life. It’s like it’s meant to be.

Conversations later reveal that you’ve got shared values, loves and big visions. You’re better together.

That’s how we’ve always worked. That’s how we’ll work with you.

Because co-creation is when it gets fun. It’s where you can be yourself, play to your strengths and ditch the overwhelm.

Becca is all about the idea, furiously putting it all down on paper, while Laura's not a fan of the blank page and much prefers having an edit to start from. That’s the co-creation energy that we bring to each of our projects. It’s quite something to be a part of.

So if you're ready to get intimate with your business, your words and us, let's co-create something magical.  


Running a business is hard work but we believe writing about it shouldn't be.

Don't have time? Not a problem. Limited budget? Not an issue. 

No matter what chapter you’re on, we can help you unearth your unique story and the authentic words and voice to tell it. Whether that's writing the words for you, or giving you the confidence to tell your own story.  

Over the past year we've helped empower countless female founders to put real purpose into their words. The results have been incredible.

But don't just take our word for it. Check out some of the wonderful feedback we've had. 

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