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We're ready to write the words your business needs!

Sometimes you just need someone to write the words for you. To unearth your stories and make sense of the ideas whizzing round your head and put everything into the right order.

We've been working with words, in the world of communications since we both graduated back in the millennium (chatting about!) so you're in safe hands. We've written award-winning words for companies both big and small and nothing gives us more joy that taking your stories and aligning them to a strategy. It's all about getting your words and stories working hard for you. So you can spend more time enjoying the freedom of running your own business.  

We have a small number of 'Agency' clients we work with on a monthly or ad hoc basis depending on their needs.

The best place to start is with a call where we can have a conversation about what you need. 



Unearthing your story

Our superpower? Helping women like you create the words, messaging and stories to supercharge your business and captivate your dream customers. 

We know writing all the words for your business can feel chaotic and overwhelming, sometimes you just need an expert pair of hands to do the writing for you.

Yet, you want your unique voice to come across and your secret sauce sprinkled in. Don't worry we've got you covered.  


Part of your team 

Part of your team you'll feel confident and empowered knowing your words are taken care of, even better is the fact there is strategy and purpose behind everything you're doing and sharing with the world. This will give you renewed confidence in your own voice and the power of your story resulting in more time, more freedom, more clients, more impact and more money.

Think of us as part of your team- with nearly 40 years of word wizardry and business ownership to boot - we're ready to make your words WOW.

Sound familiar?

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What's the purpose?

Do you dream of sharing action-inspiring messages and creating connection online without it taking all day?

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Stuck in a rut?

Do you want help with ideas and inspiration to write and create the content your audience desires?

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Faulty navigation?

Do you want guidance to help align your stories with your strategy so you can reach your big juicy vision?


Think of us as your very own copywriting, editing and storytelling mentors on hand to help you find and plot the stories and messages to serve you, your business and your audience.    

hang out

Hey storyteller,  

We've been called the story spotters, story queens and the stories ladies. Why? Because we LOVE a good story and helping women discover and step into the power of theirs is our superpower.

No one knows your story like you do. But sometimes you need two knowledgeable friends to guide you along the way, writing the words your business needs. 

Always aligning your strategy and big vision, we'll move the needle with every word and message shared about your business. 

Using our content framework, and with storytelling at the heart, we’ll write the words your audience are waiting to hear. 

What you'll get 

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in your words and how to effectively fuse them with your strategy.

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in your words, knowing they're moving you closer towards your goals.

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with your audience, knowing your stories and message resonate.

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Story Power

with your messaged authentically aligned to your mission.

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Find your voice

You'll finally sound like you (and not everyone else).

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with the support to explore ideas and spot your story strengths.

"I enjoyed every minute working with Laura and Becca and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Stories From Home to any woman in business with a story to tell."


Learn to Play

I certainly see you both as part of my team now and gosh how lucky I feel. I am excited for our quarterly check-ins going forward. You've given me a sense of freedom in my business that I've actually felt has always been a thorn in my side for a long time, just because you wear all the hats, doesn't mean you have to do all the things without support. Thank you for all that you do, in a way that is so effortless and enjoyable.

Rebecca Douglas


Working with Laura + Becca is transforming my business - one story at a time! I have known them for a few years now and every time I work with them, I'm blown away by how beautifully and effortlessly they distill the essence of my thinking into stunning, persuasive content which lands directly in the hearts of my audience. My love for them goes beyond the professional. They are beautiful humans who connect authentically. Sign up to work with them to experience their brilliance for yourself!

Prarthana Rao

Coach and Founder of The Maverick Mum Movement

WOW! I felt excitement, empowerment, delight, touched and I cried from the first pages. I love it.

Dona Hasanaj

Founder, PERDON

SFH Autumn (Socials + Websize)-27

Hand everything to us 

After an initial call we'll scope out what you need and come back with a bespoke cost for your project. Some clients choose to work with us on a monthly retainer, where we create ALL the monthly content their business needs. Often this involves a monthly or quarterly storytelling call and then it's over to us to produce the words and messaging your business needs.

We've also recently expanded our team and can now offer clients help with the actually doing of the sharing of content, so can now provide a full agency experience for you. You kept telling us this was what you needed so we've listened. 


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