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The secret sauce for writing great copy? It's a combination of inspiration, energy and the easy flow that comes from friendship. You know the warm feeling when your best friend tells you how great you look or the honesty when she tells you that one's not a keeper? 

We know how lucky we are to have each other to lean on. A second pair of eyes to look at the words and help turn ideas into action. We've often said everyone needs a home bird, so we've created a club to make it happen. Surrounded by people who get you, who champion you and celebrate your success, this is when everything starts to feel easy. This is what to expect in Copy Edit Club ®

As a member you'll be part of a safe, nurturing space to get word-inspired and learn how to supercharge your stories. You'll step into the power of your stories, find the words that connect and write copy with confidence and ease. Think of us as the friends to inspire the action - with 30+ years of word wizardry to boot - with constructive critique to make your words WOW.

Running a business is hard work but writing about it shouldn't be. We're here to make it fun.


It's time to step into the power of your story. 

You're invited to join our monthly mentoring call where we'll show you how to use your words and thoughts to write action-inspiring copy, all while giving you the support and encouragement to make it feel easy and fun.


Feel confident every month. Feel confident every time you write. 

Each month, send us a piece of copy to review and at the end of the month we'll host a group mentoring session to show you how to make it work even harder for you. We'll send you the notes we've made on your words so you can give it a final edit.

We know firsthand the power of female friendship and how the support of likeminded creatives can propel you to new heights so you can say hello to your fellow Copy Edit Club ® members in our exclusive Telegram group. Discover the power of being part of a collective of likeminded people like you ready to take their words and business to the next level.

A club to give you clarity, confidence, great copy and so much more.


Sound familiar?

Asset 286@2x

You can't afford a copywriter

You know you need to write but feel overwhelmed, too busy or confused about where to begin. You don’t have the budget to outsource every word but you really need a helping hand.

Asset 278-100

You can't find the words

You're struggling to find the words to stand out from all the noise. Getting the ideas out of your head onto the page feels stifling and you know the words you’ve written could be so much better.

Asset 287-100

Everyone else is saying it better

Imposter syndrome has kicked in and it feels like everyone's doing it better than you. It's lonely and sometimes you wish you had a friend (who totally gets it) to help edit your words.


Think of us as your very own copywriting, editing and storytelling mentors on hand every month to help you find the words that work for you, your business and your audience.    

Stories from Home January 2022 (Smaller)-124

We've been called story spotters, story queens and the stories ladies. You get the drift, we love a good story.

In fact, helping women step into the power of their stories is our superpower.  

Which is why we're so passionate about teaching you the techniques, tools and tips we’ve used to craft the millions of words we’ve written to connect clients with customers. Rather than outsource your words to an agency, we'll show you how to feel confident with your writing. After all, know one knows your story like you do. Sometimes all you need is a friendly push or a gentle hand holding to get you started.   

As a member of Copy Edit Club ® we’ll empower and motivate you to tell your story and write words aligned with you and the vision you have for your business.

Using our tried and tested storytelling framework, we’ll help you craft a new narrative and edit your words like a pro, giving you the confidence and tools to find your flow and write in a way you never thought possible.   

If you're sick of feeling stuck and ready to find the wonder words to connect and captivate your dream customers, Copy Edit Club ® is what you need. Let's make it fun. 


It's all copy  

When you’re running a business and doing all the things, you need to harness the power of your words. Why? Because powerful words connect. 

Words have power. They make us emotional and they make us say YES, so they need to be packed with purpose.

Customer and client emails, social posts, website content, sales pages and bios. When you have a business, you’re writing words all the time. So you have a choice: you can keep telling yourself you’re not a copywriter and make excuses for your mediocre words OR you can learn how to craft copy oozing quality, with words that sound like you (not like everyone else). 

This is for you if you want to learn how to sustainably upgrade your words and craft messages that push you forward rather than hold you back. You'll need to put in the work to get the most out of your membership but as we know, co-creation is when the magic happens. 

Copy Edit Club ® is not the place for you if you want your words written for you - check out The Agency if that's what you're looking for. 



Asset 287-100


Put purpose into your words and get your messages working hard.

Asset 339@2x


Fall in love with your words and make writing a pleasure not a pain.

Asset 327@2x


Empowered by friendship, find the words to captivate your dream customers.

Asset 286@2x


Your stories are your superpower. Discover how to use them.

Asset 352@2x


Learn how to add the essence of you into your words.

Asset 283@2x


Be the content creator your business deserves.



Membership to The Copy Edit Club ® costs £90 per month (inclusive of VAT) and gives you: 

  • The opportunity to submit one piece of copy each month for us to review and feedback with notes and guidance so you can give it a final edit and learn how to make your words WOW. 

  • Access to a monthly 1hr group mentoring session delivered live via Zoom, where we'll share our feedback on the submissions (maximum of 11 participants per call), and the frameworks we use to simplify the copywriting process so you feel empowered and able to write with confidence.    
  • Access to the private club Telegram group for friendship, support and connection with likeminded founders taking ownership of their words.
  • Word-wisdom and mentorship from our 30+ year experience in copywriting and PR. We like to talk so you'll always come away with business advice alongside insider knowledge.  
  • Accountability and support, we'll motivate you to show up and do the work. 

Ready to ignite your energy and make writing about your business easier and way more fun?  



We're on a mission to make writing about your business and sharing the wisdom and wonder of your products and services easy and FUN, empowering women like you to tell the story their business deserves.  

This is why we've created The Copy Edit Club ® to make it fun. To make it sustainable. To make it affordable. To make it matter.

For £3 a day we've created the copywriting support the modern female founder needs to grow their business sustainably.     

The group mentoring session generally take place on the second Tuesday of the month (unless they clash with the school holidays) at 10am.


What people say about us

"I can honestly say that joining The Copy Edit Club has been key to my success."


Soumati Studio

"You bring the space. You're generous with your wisdom and you make it fun."


Feminine leader and embodiment coach

"Thank you so much again! I have just made all the changes and feeling so proud of it."


Learn to Play

It has never mattered if I come to Copy Edit Club with a blank page or hundreds of words that need an expert eye - Laura and Becca have always delivered. Sharing transformations, going deeper on story telling and those all important reminders about writing for my audience came thick and fast from their insights. When you're a small business you often crave that extended team, the ones who have your back, understand your business but most importantly understand YOU. That is how I'd sum up my experience of the CEC. A judgement free, supportive group that you can give as much focus and attention to as you can muster. It's given me a deeper connection to my work, it's changed (for the better) how I speak to clients and the flow of words hasn't stopped for a year - absolute magic and empowerment.

Charlotte Speak

Power of the Parent

"Thank you for the conversation and empowering inspo. My content today has all derived from our chat."


Joyous Acts

"Laura and Becca provide a magical service in the Copy Edit Club. Supportive and inspiring, they have helped me write about my business with clarity, power and confidence! Thank you so much ladies! "

Katie Ritchie

Inspire School of Dance and Drama


£90 per month 

All costs are inclusive of VAT. 

PLUS, as one of our core values is freedom and we both love nature and exploring, when you sign up to The Copy Edit Club we'll plant a tree in your honour in the Stories From Home forest in partnership with Ecologi. Cool, right? 


Got a question?

When will the coaching calls take place?

The group mentoring sessions take place on the fourth Tuesday of the month (unless they clash with the school holidays) at 10am. When you sign up you'll be sent a list of the dates and Zoom links. 

Will we get access to you?

Yes! In our group mentoring calls you'll be able to ask us questions and pick our brains as we go through everyone's submitted copy. And don't worry if you don't have anything to submit one month, you'll still learn loads of useful tips and come away feeling encouraged to get writing and taking action in your business.

What are the terms and conditions?

You can find the full terms and conditions on the payment page. Click here to find out more

Can I just sign up for one month?

Yes although if you're serious about improving your copy we suggest signing up for a minimum of three months to give yourself the chance to learn the techniques we'll share and put your newfound word wizardry into action. 

How long can I be in the club for?

As long as you like. Although we know the benefits of committing to something longer term which is why when you sign up for 12 months you'll get the 19% saving. But you can cancel anytime and stay as long as you like. 

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a free online messaging app that works just like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. You can download it to your phone and your desktop. We love it.

Is there a word limit to the copy I can submit?

At this moment we're pretty relaxed with the word count (so long as you're not sending a thesis!). The type of copy we'd be expecting is a blog post, website page, sales page, newsletter, press release. So keep it reasonable but don't feel restricted. If you're struggling to shorten something, we'll be able to help, it's all part of a good edit.

How will I get feedback on my copy?

We'll make notes on the copy you send us to review and then we'll talk through this in our live Zoom calls. We'll share our screen so you can see the areas we've highlighted and how we suggest you change it. Then after the call we'll send you the annotated version for you to do a final edit and make it WOW.

How will the group coaching calls take place?

Via Zoom. We'll send you a link to log into the call on the last Tuesday of every month. 

What if I can't attend a live group coaching call?

No problem. You can still send your copy for us to review and we'll share our notes with you to make the final edit. We'll be recording the calls and sharing the link so you can listen in when you get chance. Plus, you'll have access to the group Telegram so you can ask your fellow club members to help you with anything you missed in the call.

What's the cost?

The monthly membership fee is £90 per month (inclusive of VAT). 

Stories from Home January 2022 (Smaller)-42Stories from Home January 2022 (Smaller)-42

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