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This one thing will make your words work harder

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Hands up if you're so busy working IN your business you barely have the time to work ON your business...

Don't worry if you've got your hand in the air, you're not the only one. Creating, building and running a business is HARD but there are ways you can make it a whole lot easier (without it taking all day).

One thing you can do in just a few hours is make your words work harder.

COPYWRITING TIP: Use the exact words your clients and customers use to describe you and your product or service.

There’s nothing more powerful than speaking straight to the heart of your dream customers with the words used by customers who think you’re a dream.

As an example, this is what return-to-work coach Charlotte Speak, founder of Power of the Parent, told us after completing the About Page Makeover:  

“This is the product all business owners with a website need in their lives. The combination of practical advice, reflective activities and creating headspace for you to slow down and work ON your business rather than IN it, is quite literally magic. 

“I pride myself on bringing my language into anything written I do, but once I spent time looking at my About page through Laura and Becca's eyes I realised I was trying to be something I'm not - formal and corporate! Yes I'd shared a story here and there, but what these PR fairy godmothers will help you do is WAY beyond that. 

“It was deeper work than I anticipated but I'm SO glad I've done it.” 

Here's how we can use Charlotte's words to demonstrate why other women with a business need the About Page Makeover:

  • The product ALL business owners with a website need in their lives. 
  • If you want to slow down and work ON your business rather than IN it, we've got the magic you need.
  • The About Page Makeover is the combination of practical advice and reflective activities to help you create the headspace you need to make your website captivate and connect with potential clients. 
  • Need another pair of eyes to look at your About page? Our workbook will help you look at your page from a whole new perspective.
  • We're the PR fairy godmothers you need to supercharge your storytelling. 

See what we did? Customer feedback is a great foundation to begin your copy and speak straight to the heart of those you're trying to attract. And your About page is where you should start. 

This page needs to work hard for you. It needs to do more than just tell people who you are and the experience you've got under your belt. It needs to sound like you and clearly demonstrate why your audience is in the right place.

The About Page Makeover will show you step by step how to edit your page in just a few hours so while you're working IN your business, you'll know the words on your website are working hard to captivate and connect your dream customers and get the sales flying in. 

Download the About Page Makeover and give your website and words the upgrade they deserve. 

After all, life’s short, let’s make it magical.

Laura & Becca 


SFH Autumn (Socials + Websize)-72

We're Laura & Becca

PRs, copy coaches, mates, mamas and story obsessives. Between us we've got four kids, three dogs and two husbands. We know first hand how life is a big old juggle and we're here for the ride with you. Running a business (and a family) is hard work but we believe writing about it doesn't need to be. We're here to show you how. We're also here for the thrifty finds, adventure and cocktails.

Becca'sfavourite things

Poolsuite FM

Sunshine vibes and poolside tunes to get me through these long winter days. Download the app to listen on your phone, or mac and and enjoy the preloaded playlists. Pass me a margarita!


Gabrielle Bernstein

I discovered Gabrielle Bernstein last summer, inhaling her book The Universe has got your back while on holiday in France. Since then I've literally read her entire repertoire. I can't get enough of her positivity and make picking an affirmation card the first task of my day.


Laura'sfavourite things

Marie Forleo

I discovered Marie Forleo at the end of 2019 and devoured her book Everything is Figureoutable in a day. I love her New Jersey no nonsense approach to problem solving and how she's all about the fun. Because we all need more of that.



Mountains, I love 'em. I love looking at them, hiking them and the endless possibilities they hold. Our favourite place to explore in the UK is the Lake District, whenever we have a spare weekend or day, we throw the tent in the car and head to the hills.


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