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No more one-off costs for courses and resources you don't even get round to doing. Have access to a library of resources which will give you the clarity and confidence to write the words your business needs. 

Think of us as your agency in your pocket, sharing our secrets to help you harness the power of your story and create copy to hook even the least curious of potential customers. You won't need an agency or copywriter to write every story, newsletter, website page or press release. Instead, we're here to guide you with monthly webinars and office hours and as you invest in yourself and your business. 

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About page makeover

The makeover your business will thank you for

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Find your Foundations

Establishing the foundations of your brand from the ground up.

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DIY Your PR in a week

Stories from Home Social + Web UC-226@2xStories from Home Social + Web UC-226@2x

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Here are the stories, business guides and self help books keeping us inspired. Click on the link below to visit our library at the Bookshop, where 10% of all books sold goes to help independent bookshops here in the UK. Pretty cool right?   


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I find both Laura and Becca incredibly inspiring and supportive. They're two people you absolutely want to have on your team. You simply can't fail to succeed with them in your corner!"

Laura Smith

Wordsmith Comms

"The time this morning was invaluable and moved me further along in nailing my niche and refining my messaging. Thank you so much"

Prarthana Rao

Coach and Founder of the Maverick Mum Movement

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