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If you'd rather hand over the pages and have someone do it for you, this is for you.

We're Becca and Laura, copywriting and editing queens. We'll bring your thoughts and ideas to life with strategic stories and authentic messaging that speaks right to the heart of the clients and customers you want to attract. 

If you want to outsource your words to an expert team you can trust, who understand where you're at and what you need to do next, we're your women. 


It's like therapy for business

Uncertainty and overwhelm are common themes we hear from women who either have their own business or a seed of an idea they want to transform into one. 

We get it and believe us when we say we’ve been there (more than once). We’re lucky because it’s a heck of a lot easier to give fear the heave ho when there’s two of you to kick its butt (and tackle that to do list). When one of us gets overwhelmed or has a wobble, we've got each other to lean on for a pep talk. 

So while our clients may come to us initially for help with their words, they almost always tell us they leave with so much more. In fact, it's been described as being like therapy for business. And in the process, you'll leave with a whole heap of stories, motivation and confidence ready to put to good use.

Remember, the world needs you, your business and your stories. It's time to add some magic to your messages. 

Our written-for-you services

Stories from Home - January 2024 (Smaller)-15

The About Page Makeover

We will write your about page - aka your signature story - infused with your stories and your wonder words so they connect with the hearts (and purse strings) of your ideal audience.


Bespoke projects

Where we write the words your business needs. One-off project or monthly support options available.

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The Story Secrets

A six month magical journey to unlocking your story and wonder words. We begin in September. Waitlist now open.

What you'll get

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Two extra minds to supercharge your stories and discover your megawatt messages.

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Find your foundations to get clear on your strategy so you can write about your business with confidence.

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Identify the magic messages to captivate, connect and inspire action. More often than not, they’re copywriting gold.

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We’re Becca and Laura, best mates, mamas, mentors and copywriting queens guiding business and creatives to find the clarity they need to take action and get confident with their copywriting and storytelling. 

In 2016 we both jumped off the 9-5 career track and gave our corporate communication management jobs the heave-ho to go it alone (well, not quite) and help smaller businesses like our make magic. Firm friends since 2007, we came together in 2017 to create our small but mighty PR and brand story agency and haven't looked back.

Dreamers and doers with more than a few businesses under our belts, we know finding the words to captivate your audience can take your life and business to a whole new level. We're here to show you how.

Whether you're at the early stages of starting a business or you're well established and need some trustworthy minds to help you nail your messaging magic, we're your women. 


Get the words you need and so much more

Along with our word wizardry and wisdom, discover what we’ve learned running our businesses and the lessons we wished someone had told us before we even began. Trust us when we say, when you get the clarity to take action and share your stories and messaging with confidence, it'll save you a whole load of time, money and unnecessary frustration. 

Think of us as your dream team, sitting alongside you at the kitchen table, hashing out the ideas over some satisfying snacks and helping you find the way to make your business come to life, your way. Let’s make sense of your thoughts, ideas, messages and stories so you can build the business and life of your dreams. 



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Your business shifts when it feels like home. Built on strong foundations. Where you can grow with each and every chapter.

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We come as a package deal, illuminating your magic so you can confidently stand out from the crowd.

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From your why to your wow to the words that share your magic, your story is the place to begin and write the next chapter.

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When strategy fuses with storytelling, magic happens. Spotting the stories to serve your audience is our superpower.

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Writing about your business doesn't have to be hard. Clarity, action and confidence gives you the freedom to flow.

mentoring could be the better option for you

If you're in the early stages of you business and you want to:

  • Understand how to shape it into something you and your audience will love
  • Get clear on your messaging and how to create and share stories that connect
  • Understand your dream audience and how to write for them
  • Get your website, sales pages and content written with confidence
  • Feel clear and focused about what to do next
  • Have someone look at what you've created and give it an edit
  • Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity and action
  • Get honest feedback and guidance from two women who've been doing this a while 

If you're established and you want to:

  • Have another pair (or two) of eyes on your words to help you take it from OK to exceptional
  • Put purpose into your words and strategy into your storytelling
  • Get us in your back pocket to pick our brains and discuss ideas
  • Hone your next sales page so it speaks straight to the hearts and minds of your dream clients
  • Access a supportive space every month to get your copy reviewed
  • Find your flow and feel confident writing for your business


What our clients say  

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The results have been remarkable, with opportunities flowing in through authentically crafted content and clients discovering me via Google thanks to insightful blog articles - these opportunities have blown me away.

Rebecca Douglas

Branding and Lifstyle Photographer

“When I first met Laura & Becca I instantly felt comfortable and at ease to share my thoughts, ideas and be open about the vision I had in my head. I came to them with a loose idea which they both understood immediately, they just got it! Their positive response to my initial concept gave me the confidence boost I needed to believe that what I was thinking had potential for a real tangible business."

Beth Bellingham

Beyond the Haze

These women are incredible they helped me so much with telling my story

Jo Bell

Coach and author

Thank you beautiful ladies you fired me up to get excited about my social now rather than seeing it as a chore.

Rose Murray

These White Walls

This word makeover is incredible

Charlotte Speak

Founder Power of the Parent

Ready to join the party? 

Co-creation is fun and when it comes to finding the words together, it's a whole lot easier.

The truth is, you've already got the magic ingredients to create great copy but sometimes it's hard to see for yourself and know the framework to making writing the words easy.

We’ll help you unlock your story secrets and help you write the wonder words your business deserves and your audience needs. 

While we work intuitively, with an approach tailored to you and your needs, when you work with us you'll always get our honesty, enthusiasm and open-minded creativity. 

You'll need to come ready to do the work and a willingness to explore your story and the messages your audience needs so we can help you uncover the words to captivate and connect with your dream clients.

We hold the space to witness you and pull out your very best stories, helping you step into your power and show up as your truest most magical self so you can share your messages with clarity and confidence. 

And so we can support you whatever your budget, our mentoring programmes start from just £77. What you'll receive is truly priceless.


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