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Why you need to get uncomfy

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Hey storyteller,

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re doing a powerful enough job of getting across how much working with you can change someone’s life, this one’s for you.

Recently one of our clients, who is a coach, asked us…

“But how can I succinctly explain the benefits of something as transformative as coaching when it's not tangible like buying a Mercedes.”

The truth is you need to get uncomfy

The transformation is such a tricky one to navigate and it can often feel really uncomfortable - this is completely normal.

Effectively showing your audience the powerful transformation of your offering is the time to get stretchy with the transformation. Because when you know the benefits of something as transformative as coaching, it's essential to focus on the intangible yet profound impact it can have on someone's life.

Here are the tips we shared to help her communicate the power of her coaching offer.

  • Tell compelling stories: Share real-life stories or case studies of people who've experienced a transformation through being coached or working with you. Highlight the challenges they faced before you begun your work, the insights gained and the positive changes in their lives. You don't need to name them or give anything away that will identify them but using real life examples and showing how you guided them through their transformation can really make an impact.

  • Focus on personal growth: Emphasise that coaching is an investment in personal growth and development - how it goes beyond the surface level, helping you to tap into your full potential, overcome obstacles and achieve meaningful goals. What does your audience want? What are their desires? What do they fear? Once you understand this you can speak to it and show them their future (their desire).

  • Highlight empowerment: Stress the aspect of empowerment that coaching brings. Explain how it equips individuals with the tools, confidence and self-awareness needed to take control of their lives, make informed decisions and navigate challenges with resilience. Again, speak to their desires and show them how with your guidance they can move closer to them.

  • Gently address challenges or specific pain points: You don't have to focus on pain scare tactics to be able to use these for your messaging. However you can gently identify common pain points or challenges that you experienced or your target audience may be experiencing and illustrate how coaching addresses these issues - show how coaching offers practical solutions to moving them away from where they are now, to their desires.

  • Quantify results: Whenever possible, quantify the results of coaching. This could include improved productivity, enhanced job satisfaction, better work-life balance or strengthened interpersonal skills. Although numbers and measurable outcomes are great for adding credibility to the transformative claims, even by getting specific about what the results could look like is really useful.

  • Use metaphors and analogies: Coaching isn’t a tangible ‘thing’ but you could compare it to familiar concepts or experiences by focusing on the feeling it gives you. For example, like having a personal guide on a journey, a fitness trainer for the mind, or a GPS for navigating life's challenges. Metaphors often make abstract concepts more relatable. (Laura loves a metaphor)

  • Highlight the holistic approach: Explain that coaching isn't just about solving immediate problems - it's a holistic approach to personal and professional development. It considers the individual as a whole, addressing mindset, values and long-term vision, which in turn, can lead to a happier more fulfilled life.

  • Appeal to aspirations: Connect with the aspirations and dreams of your audience. Help them visualise how coaching can bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be, creating a compelling narrative of personal evolution. You're providing the bridge or at least showing them where it is and being the handrail as they go across it.

  • Offer a taste with free resources: Providing free resources, such as a free download, webinar or introductory call can give potential clients a taste of working with you. This can help them understand the value before committing to a more extensive or expensive offering.

  • Use testimonials: Using the words your clients say about you is probably the easiest and most powerful way to write about the transformation - what do other people say about the impact of your work? You can edit their words so it sounds like it's coming from you. We show you how to do this in our About Page Makeover.

Remember, conveying the benefits of what you do is about painting a vivid picture of personal transformation for your potential clients, capturing the essence of how it can enrich and elevate their life.

Don't be afraid to make it stretchy - if what you're offering is life changing, say it and say it over and over again on repeat.

Need help to articulate the transformation of working with you. Book a strategy call here and let’s paint that beautiful picture.

Or ready to work through the transformation on your own, head to The Nest to learn more in our self study guides.

With love, 

Laura + Becca x


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