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5 tips to spruce up your about page


5 ways to spruce up your About page

Did you know the About page is the second most visited page on a website? ⁣It’s the page that’ll make your audience go from bystanders to buyers. ⁣The place they’ll get to know, like and trust you, confirming whether you’re the one for them, whatever your offer. ⁣

With that much persuasion power, this page needs to work hard, spark curiosity and instigate action from those who want to know about you and your offer.⁣ It's the page to take your potential customers from a 'maybe' to a 'heck yes!'

We get it, talking about yourself, your business and why you’re so brilliant can be challenging. But transforming the About page on your website into a page that captivates, connects and converts your audience into dream customers doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to take all day. ⁣

In fact, with a little concentration, you can spruce up your About page into something special in a few hours. It’s the makeover your business has been longing for. Want to know how to add some magic? Keep reading and be honest with yourself. ⁣

5 quick tips to spruce up your About page  

1) Is it clear what you do? 

Take a read through your page with fresh eyes. Even better, ask someone else to take a look over your About page and ask, is it clear what you do and what you offer? Sometimes we get so caught up in the words we over complicate things. How can you make it crystal clear what you do and the benefits you offer? 

2) Does your personality shine through? 

Writing about yourself can feel really icky, right? Imposter syndrome creeps in and the sense of overwhelm because everyone is saying it better than you and you don't know where to begin. Well the truth is, the secret to great copy is making it sound like you, a perfectly imperfect human with....personality! Make sure your personality (and all your lovely human-ness) shines through your words. Write like you talk because it's this - YOU - that'll captivate your dream customers or clients and make you stand out from the crowd.   

3) Does your page have story power?

Think about a good story, one that grabbed and held your attention and left you wanting more. It'll have a beginning (an opener that hooked you in) followed by a story which captivated your imagination and spoke straight to your heart and an ending that left you wanting more. Your About page should read like a good story. Use your real life story (even some of the bad bits if it'll resonate with your audience) to connect with your readers. Does your opener hook people in and get them intrigued? Does it include your story? Giving your page structure will help put purpose into your words. 

4) Have you included a call to action?

It may sound simple but this is one of the biggest mistakes people make on their About page (and countless other pieces of copy). They don't include a call to action. What's a call to action? It's when you tell people what to do next. "But I have that information on my contact / shop / services page," they say... Well, the fact is, we humans like to be guided, shown what to do or where to click next. We like things to be kept as easy as possible, right? So make it easy for your audience. Want them to buy your product? Tell them where to go to get it.  Want them to book a discovery call? Tell them to book it and give them the (simple) instructions how to do it. Don't just hope they figure out what to do next, tell them! Whatever it is you want your audience to do, tell them, show them how and make it easy.    

5) Get our About Page Makeover! (see, a call action)

The best tip we can give you to spruce up your About page is to get your hands on our juicy About Page Makeover (there's the call to action again). We've created a value-packed step-by-step guide to help you write a kick-ass About page without breaking the budget. Intrigued? You should be.

Using our 30+ years experience of writing hundreds of websites for countless businesses, from NHS hospital trusts and emergency services to festivals, weddings, interiors and artists (we've written about it all) we're giving you the tools and techniques to write your very own captivating page. A page that, once written well, will work really hard for you and your business.

And we'll admit, with this many years of writing under our belts, we've seen what does and doesn't work. Which is why we've picked out the nuggets of wisdom we've gained along the way to create an actionable, step-by-step guide that'll help you write about you in a way your business deserves.     

At £99 it's also the most affordable way to work with us. But don't worry, even though you'll be doing the writing, you still get us guiding you every step of the way. 

Sounds good right? Get your copy now here and let's make your About page something special. 


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